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The Ould family is new to the area but not new to the business of owning and managing multi family buildings. We have been in this business for over 30 years in various places, the most recent being the Greenwich Village area of New York City and the Charlottesville, Va. area. We bring a personalized approach to each building and each resident and pride ourselves on being “hands on” owners who focus on the beauty of our bldgs. and needs of our residents.







The ways in which this benefits those living in our buildings is that every concern that is brought to our attention is addressed by our manager without delay. We know that historic buildings need constant care and our goal is to keep up with all repairs and maintenance while at the same time providing preventative care throughout the bldgs. In order to provide service in a timely way to all residents, we will be maintaining an office onsite at Lava Lofts that will be open 5 days a week from 8:30-5:00. Our Manager Ms. Pitts, has extensive experience in all areas of resident relations and is quick to respond to any and all issues. Mr. Dennis Pittman, who is an expert in many area of building systems and repairs will serve as our full time maintenance person. In addition we will also have a couple who will actually live on site to provide after hours service until 9:00 each evening Monday thru Friday just in case there is an issue that a resident needs assistance with. This couple will also be available for limited hours on some weekends. As the “face” of ownership, all of this staff reflects the same service oriented approach so important to Dennis and Susan Ould.

We will be holding monthly “events” for our residents in an effort to form a sense of community for those who are interested and want to explore with residents what sorts of additional activities might interest them.










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