Application Checklist

Dear Future Resident(s),

We are very excited to have you as a future resident of our beautiful community. To ensure your leasing application is processed completely and accurately, listed below are the items needed to begin the application approval process.

    • Tenant Application & Forms Completed
    • Pet Application (if applicable) Completed & Picture of Pet
    • 1 Form of Photo Id
    • 2 Most Recent Check Stubs, Direct Deposit Invoice, or Employer Offer Letter
    • $250 Holding and Application Fee (For Sole or Primary Resident)
    • $50 Application Fee per applicant (For Co-Applicants only)
    • If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Leasing Office

      (855) 969-3331 or e-mail or

Property Interested In:

Applicant Information

Personal Information

Owned Rented
Owned Rented

Employment Information

Hourly Salary

Emergency Contact

Co-Applicant Information, if applicant

Owned Rented
Owned Rented

Co-Applicant Employment Information

Hourly Salary

Other Information


Once you have submitted all information, proceed to Step 1 – DocuSign (below) click on the link below to provide your electronic signature and the electronic signature of any co-applicant. Then return here to Step 2 – Pay Holding and Application Fee (or for co-applicants, Pay Application Fee Only, whichever option applies to you).

Step 1Proceed to DocuSign here

Step 2Pay $250 Holding and Application Fee  

Step 2Pay $50 Application Fee Only (For Co-Applicants only)